Happy Hole

So my fantasy romance novel ‘Happy Hole,’ had a first life as two books in the Collector series. I’ll admit it. I was new to Amazon, Smashwords, Borders… so I wanted to get a book out to see what would happened. I put the book out and...

Happ Hole


Well, not crickets but not a big response. It was underwelming. At any rate, it was the first half of the book. I followed it up with the second half of the book. And no one bought it.

In 2016, I got a review on the first part and didn’t notice. I had given up on it and moved on. In 2019, I decided to merge the book, make it the complete novel it should be.

When I was shutting the half books, I found the review. It said,

“Really enjoyed this book. Not my usual genre, but definitely worth the read. The characters are dark, yet somehow you want them to find a release or a kind of contentment that might end their torment. Its a journey, following the threads of several different lives as they interweave and affect each other, searching for something. At least that was my interpretation. Now I’m going to have to read the next book, as I need to know what happens. Clear writing style and clever plot line. This is not a comfortable book, there isn’t a happy ever after, at least not in this one, but it does have a way of getting under your skin.”

It made me feel good. Two years later. I guess, lesson is learned. Don’t sell wine before it’s time and don’t give up on your books.