Free eBook Bookshelf Weekend!


I’m selling my entire bookshelf of fiction and poetry for the extreme price of… FREE! This weekend, January 3 thru 5!

You can get my awesomely weird and horrific collection of short stories for the low price of NOTHING! Click HERE!

Dissonic Voices

Also, you could get my best selling book of poop poetry as an upsell for ZERO DOLLARS! Click HERE!

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And there is no reason to stop there. Get my follow up hit book of poetry about procrastination is yours as an upsell for less than you will pay for for a 1 cent coffee. That’s right, it’s FREE! Click HERE!

Procrastination Poems

Finally, you can add my first two novelettes now combined into one amazing book to your personal collection for not one dollar…. not just two dollars… but NO DOLLARS! Click HERE!

Happy Hole

This weekend only, January 3rd to the 5th, get my complete library for free. Of course, if you want to spend money, you can get you ‘I love Dick’ stickers here.