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I Wrote

I feel like crap. Woke up with a fever and a sore throat. The brain feels foggy. So I took some drugs, drank some coffee, and watch soccer this morning. Between games, I checked my email and today was the day of the Winter 24 hour writing contest.

I entered.

Hours ticked by. I got the topic. More hours ticked by. I didn’t write.

It was only $5 so not writing it won’t matter. Besides, you can only come up with one idea and killing your wife with a raccoon is not great literature.

But was that what I was going for or just actually doing some writing?

I turned off the TV, put on the overly expensive headphones and turned up my “The Fall for Every Season” station.  A thousand words later, and I was done.

Crap, it’s only supposed to be 875 words. I wonder if tomorrow I’ll write a blog post titled “Not Editing”.


I’m Not Writing

I’m not writing.

It’s been like 5 months since I last since I last tried to write my collection of short stories.

I’ve tried to write… ok, not really.

I’ve wanted to write. That’s true, but the desire never really overcame whatever was stopping me. I’m still not sure what it was, other than the fear of actually being good at it.

You see I wrote a story in July for the 24-hour short story writing contest and I thought it was pretty good and so I waited to see what others thought.

And so I stopped writing. I wanted to write more but I couldn’t. I thought the story I had written for the contest was so awesome that  I was afraid I didn’t know if I had actually written something good. I needed someone else’s opinion.

The answer came in September, two months after the last time I wrote something. I came in second.


I entered the next 24-hour contest.

Nothing. I couldn’t write. What if I couldn’t replicate what I had done? What if coming in second was as good as I could ever get? What if I wrote something that sucked?

And so I wrote nothing. The rest of 2017, I wrote nothing. Ok, I tweeted. I wrote facebook posts. But nothing long.

I did have ideas. I have lots of ideas. But I couldn’t decide which idea to start. So many ideas. So little time. So many excuses to not start.

And then December happened. I did not write anything. I was still paralyzed by my inability to start. But I sold books. I sold 33 books.

Huh? No marketing, no tweets, nothing. And I sold 33 books. I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon, but still. Thirty-three books… How the hell did that happen?

And now it is 2018. A new year. A new chance to start. I walked three and a half miles today but while I was walking I was telling myself, today is the easy day to do this. First day of the year. First day for the motivation to be there. First day for me not to develop my excuses. Today was easy.

What of tomorrow? Or a Tuesday in March? Will I be walking then? Will I be writing?

I dunno. But today I walked. And today I wrote.

What’s next? Let’s find out? See you tomorrow. Hopefully…


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First Radio Interview

So while most people were out drinking and having a hard time determining the actual mileage on their starship, I was getting interviewed by the Power of Perception Radio Network. Earlier in December, Scott Golden contacted me on Twitter to see if I would like to be on his program.

Obviously, I said yes and sent him a quick bio and planned to do it on New Year’s Eve. And thus, last night we talked.

Below is the link to the interview where you can find some interesting background on all my books. Also, you can hear about the exciting things I have planned for my cat and llama’s Instagram accounts in 2016. Enjoy!

Power of Perception


“To Become the Collector” Available NOW!!

To Become the Collector
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“To Become the Collector” continues the story from last year’s hit, “To Find the Collector.” In book two of the Collector series, Cyris meets new humans, all with special powers. None are as mysterious, and gruff, as the one they call Boss. The Boss holds a power which Cyris has never dreamed of having. But the Boss has other plans than just giving his special gift to the Mover. The request the Boss puts forth to Cyris would cure him of the pain he feels due to the loss of the love of his life, Tabytha. Cyris dreams of their moments together, the love they shared, the horror of her death. His pain fuels his alcoholic spells when he makes rash decisions, like bestowing the ability to speak on a dog.

And it all leads to an ending that opens more possibilities than he ever knew.


New copy, new cover, new push

To Find the Collector-
To Find the Collector

The adage that if you build it they will come did not take into account that a thousand other people were building it every day and waiting for them to come. Well, I built it, and unless it was free to come, not one came payingly.

That’s fine. That’s a lesson learned. You got to find out what works and what doesn’t and do something different. Well, me doing a cover is the first thing that was wrong. I like to say that if I made a button for a website, it would look like a developer made a button. If my wife made a button, it would look good. Well, she made a cover for my book and it looks awesome.

Now the rest is on me. Let’s go!


To Find the Collector 2 day Sales Results

Well, I gave away 25 copies of my first micro-novel “To Find the Collector“. So that is the starting point. As I understand it, the hope now is one or two of the people who got a copy, read it and write a review for it. Not only is critique good for the future readers but also immensely important to the author, – me.

I have the second part of the story written but need to edit it and get it out there. My hope would be to get it out sooner than later. When I launch “To Become the Collector”, I’ll post that book to Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Smashwords.. anywhere I frikin can. And then I’ll run the free promotion again for “To Find the Collector” trying to push the free book to lead into getting buys from the second book.

But I need reviews. I need to know what people think of it, and I feel a little like Microsoft shipping Windows. Windows usually has a couple thousand bugs with it when it ships. If it didn’t, it would never ship. Well, my first book has bugs in it. I’m just not sure I know what they are. Reviews will be helpful in finding them.

Let’s hope I get a bunch and they are more than “It’s great!” or “It sucks.”