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Sometimes being a dad, gives Croyus special insight into the human condition and makes him realize that sometimes one plus one equals jellyfish.

It’s my Birthday Playlist! 2018 Edition!

I’m an angry teenager now!!

Ok, that might have been a bunch of decades ago, but hey. It’s my birthday. Here is a playlist!!

Amorphis – Amongst Stars


DIMMU BORGIR – Council Of Wolves And Snakes

DIMMU BORGIR – Interdimensional Summit (hey, it was good tune too!)

The Birthday Massacre – One

JINJER – Pisces

OCEANS OF SLUMBER – The Decay Of Disregard

THE AGONIST – Take Me To Church

Infected Rain – Orphan Soul

Butcher Babies – Headspin

In Flames – When The World Explodes (ft. Emilia Feldt) I still get goosebumps from her voice!

Lacuna Coil – Blood, Tears, Dust

Ghost – ”Enter Sandman” Sometimes, weird covers is good.