Collector Series

To Become the Collector
Book 2 of the Collector Series

“To Become the Collector” continues the story from last year’s hit, “To Find the Collector.” In book two of the Collector series, Cyris meets new humans, all with special powers. None are as mysterious, and gruff, as the one they call Boss. The Boss holds a power which Cyris has never dreamed of having. But the Boss has other plans than just giving his special gift to the Mover. The request the Boss puts forth to Cyris would cure him of the pain he feels due to the loss of the love of his life, Tabytha. Cyris dreams of their moments together, the love they shared, the horror of her death. His pain fuels his alcoholic spells when he makes rash decisions, like bestowing the ability to speak on a dog.

And it all leads to an ending that opens more possibilities than he ever knew.


To Find the Collector
To Find the Collector

The Collector Series revolves around the relationship of Tabytha and Cyris. The both have special powers which attracts a group of people looking for the Collector.

The first book, ‘To Find the Collector‘, documents how Cyris is found and his initial interactions with the group. In the second book, ‘To Become the Collector’, Cyris meets the Boss, the leader of the group who has a horrible secret.

While ‘To Find the Collector‘ is available now, the continuation of the sage will be available the first quarter of 2015. You can sign up on the right to get a message when it gets published.

You can also read back stories for some of the characters at  here.





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