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Updates R Coming

I released my first book back in 2013 and it became so popular that I decided to publish it in paperback in 2016.

Five years of some of the best poetry about poop you have ever read!

So, I decided that for this Christmas I would go thru my library and add appropriate updates. I’m currently working thru the Collector series but am happy to say my poetry has held up to the test of time.

In other words, I’ve tweaked very little and have reposted it out on Amazon. Not only is this the best book on the subject that you will ever read, but it also makes an awesome stocking stuffer!

It’s not a gag gift. It is THE gag gift!

Get your’s today before we run out of paper!

Click here to get it in Paperback or Kindle!


“To Become the Collector” Available NOW!!

To Become the Collector
Book 2 of the Collector Series

“To Become the Collector” continues the story from last year’s hit, “To Find the Collector.” In book two of the Collector series, Cyris meets new humans, all with special powers. None are as mysterious, and gruff, as the one they call Boss. The Boss holds a power which Cyris has never dreamed of having. But the Boss has other plans than just giving his special gift to the Mover. The request the Boss puts forth to Cyris would cure him of the pain he feels due to the loss of the love of his life, Tabytha. Cyris dreams of their moments together, the love they shared, the horror of her death. His pain fuels his alcoholic spells when he makes rash decisions, like bestowing the ability to speak on a dog.

And it all leads to an ending that opens more possibilities than he ever knew.