I Wrote

I feel like crap. Woke up with a fever and a sore throat. The brain feels foggy. So I took some drugs, drank some coffee, and watch soccer this morning. Between games, I checked my email and today was the day of the Winter 24 hour writing contest.

I entered.

Hours ticked by. I got the topic. More hours ticked by. I didn’t write.

It was only $5 so not writing it won’t matter. Besides, you can only come up with one idea and killing your wife with a raccoon is not great literature.

But was that what I was going for or just actually doing some writing?

I turned off the TV, put on the overly expensive headphones and turned up my “The Fall for Every Season” station.  A thousand words later, and I was done.

Crap, it’s only supposed to be 875 words. I wonder if tomorrow I’ll write a blog post titled “Not Editing”.