My Dad got poked today

Almost 80, and my dad got poked today. He got on Facebook and posted the exact time.

If he had been a teenager, being poked might have been funner. Well, I guess if he was the one poking.

Anyway, he got his first dose of vaccine today. From the estimate, he is about 5 weeks out of not having to die of Covid. After that, something else can have his life.

Like his kid, he has been hermiting in his apartment, staying away from most humans and living on the internet. I’m happy for him and hope more families experience the knowledge that their elders is close to being immune.

For myself, I saw that the general public, of which I am a member, should get our shots mid to late 2021. It appears I am in the last wave; however, I did see Information Technology people are in the was before the general public.

I work in IT but I have no clue how I would prove that or why I would be needed more than a life insurance salesgirl. Most people know how to reboot a computer nowadays, right?