Working through the day


So yesterday I drank some beer, doom scrolled and watched some bad movies.

Before that, I fed the outdoor cats wet and dry food, feed the big dogs and brought them out to their pen, gave the llamas grain and hay, gave the goats grain and hay, brought the small dogs outside and then fed them on the inside, watered the outside dogs, watered the goats, started dinner in the oven, made breakfast for the kids and the wife and washed a cat bed that a baby goat had died in the previous week.

And I wrote.

Today, I did most of the animal stuff above but without the watering. I’m writing on my website trying to get WordPress to update itself, but it’s not.

It’s rather frustrating but it is what it is. It will update again and will post a link to Twitter someday. Patience. wasn’t but in a day so I need to take time and work through the day.