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Croyus was born in Ohio and after  he went to graduate school for  Philosophy, he moved to Colorado. There, he met his wife. His work as a web developer relocated his growing family to Minnesota. Now, he currently resides in Iowa with his 3 daughters, 8 goats, 4 llamas and a mastador named Mike.

Croyus published the first 2 book in the Collector Series: ‘To Find the Collector’ and ‘To Become the Collector.’ He also began the Dad’s Library Series, some general non-fictioFullSizeRendern works for reading while sitting on the toilet. ’27 Crappy Poems and Other Things to Read on the Toilet’ and ‘Intro to Fatherhood’ are the first two books.

He also writes captions for his famous cat’s Instagram account @DerTheCat and his wanna-be-famous llama’s account @AsherTheWonderLlama.

Having played soccer growing up in the seventies, he is involved in youth soccer. He holds several soccer coaching certificates and volunteers with his daughter’s high school soccer team.





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