Dad’s Library Series

It’s finally here. The long awaited first book!

by Croyus

Critics are saying “”
… well, at least it’s not a shitty review!

What if you sat on the toilet every day and contemplated your life? What if you didn’t have any reading material to distract you from contemplating your life? The first volume of Dad’s Library, 27 Crappy Poems and Other things to read on the toilet, is just the distraction you need. Long enough to squeeze out a small turd, and short enough to let you forget your place in the book. This is a book you’ll read every day: every day you poo. And if you are regular like the author, that probably will be every day. If you are not regular, then maybe reading some crappy poetry will help clear out your pipes. It’s worth a shot. What else do you have to do on the toilet?

All the poetry is 99.16% crappy, GUARANTEED!!

What does that mean? You will need to read this book and find out before the movie comes out. And what a movie it will be. Not only will it include references to poop, but it will also include multiple words for shit. Yes, that is right. 

Maybe the movie will come in Smell-a-vision. Wouldn’t it be interesting to compare how corn smells when it is processed by your body and your neighbors? Oh, the conversations you’ll have.

All because you bought the first book in the Dad’s Library series.

Congratulations, you will never be without a conversation starter.

And there is more. But you have to buy the book and read it, digest it contents, and sit on the toilet to contemplate your reality in a world where a book of crappy poetry made you smile.

How old are you?

After reading this book, younger than you thought.

It’s only $2.99 so by it before it goes up to $3.01! Buy yours TODAY!!


And the not so long second volume…


So you gone and got yourself a kid. Congratulations. This will be the funnest and scariest experience you will ever have.
DAD’S LIBRARY VOLUME TWO:INTRO TO FATHERHOOD (Oops, I dad it again!) is a companion book for your new toy (your child). As seen through the eyes of a new father, this book details the adventure and the stark reality of being a father. This funny, heart-warming stories will help you realize your inner parent and learn how to survive the formative years of your parenthood.

Each story will help you understand that the challenge of being a father is actually one of the funnest things you can ever do. And, they are the perfect size to be read quickly while in the dad’s library (the bathroom).


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