Happy hole Novel

“Sometimes things that once made you the happiest can only make you sad forever.”

Tabytha has the power to see dead people. She can hear their cries Happy Holeof confusion and pain and watch them suffer the agony of their state. She does not think it is a blessing but a curse. Dancing at the strip club gave her a moment of solace. The dead blended in with the dead-eyed stares of the living and she felt alone.

And then she met Cyris. He could take her suffering away. She could be free of the apparitions. Happiness would surely follow.
Cyris, for his part, somehow loved her. He wanted to do anything to make her happy. However, Cyris knew that every power he consumed a price had to be paid. A mortal price.

In this digitally remastered version of The Collector novels, Croyus has made a tighter vision of a universe where superpowers involve being able to smell things over great distances or being able to turn anyone gay.

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